Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Advanced User Account Management

Dec 24, 2010

Advanced User Account Management

control userpasswords2
Generally we change our user settings from control panel>User account settings. No doubt, this tool is sufficient for our basic needs. But, problem arises when we are searching for advanced tools like changing password of another user, Add/Remove user, fixing user power changing system settings, prevent user to install unauthorized software.

  1. Click Start>Run
  2. Type “control userpasswords2”
  • You can set group membership from Users tab (default)
  1. Select User
  2. click Properties
  3. select Group membership Tab
  4. set controls
  • Also you can manage their password from Advanced tab
  1. click Advanced button
  2. select Users
  3. select General tab
  4. set controls.

You can reset passwords of any users directly.
This information works more efficiently when you logged ind as Administrator. To prevent unauthorized access from remote server, check Secure logon from Advanced tab.


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