Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Elgg Vs Oxwall - Who Wins?

Apr 30, 2013

Elgg Vs Oxwall - Who Wins?

Social networking websites, itself one of the friends in our daily life. Here we will discuss the thing which I felt during a social networking site development. Thus, here I'm sharing an experience with you.

At first glance I had selected Elgg for development of social website for my client. Reason is simple Elgg is more famous in search engine. Also one of the Keetup's Elgg demo is so impressive.  You also found a theme which more a like a clone of Facebook. But one thing I have experienced was the admin panel with not so flexible interface, you have to change the order of content or plugins by pressing up and down button for adjustment. Whereas Oxwall has very simple drag 'n' drop interface.

The Elgg's framework is updated very often, but if you ride on it's plugins section named 'most downloaded plugins' are having no updated since past 1500 days. It's true. Elgg needs a lot of coding to apply your thinking. Elgg has QA section, File sharing feature, Circle section, Jobs search integration and live auction are  some featured plugins of Elgg.

After doing a lot of tricks with Elgg, finally I take the decision to remove Elgg and installed the Oxwall on my client's site

Installing Oxwall is very simple due to its wizard mode. The updates of Oxwall are 2 to 4 times in a year, as per my study. Oxwall has very brilliant interface, even non technical person can install and maintain a Oxwall website. The main advantage of any project is in its active support, forum, etc. Oxwall having a lot of other members along with their own staff to shoot out problems. In my experience it is one of the best forums in open source social networking website. Even Dolphin, who are one of the major player in open source social networking CMS development, gives their CMS embedded with advertise. The User of Dolphin CMS needs to pay to remove advertisement.

On the contrary Oxwall needs a donation of $50 to remove powered by link in the footer legally. Oxwall has a very cute admin interface. There is a strong bundle of plugins with powerful interface and frequently updates yet very affordable price. Blogging capability and built in forum is one of the strong points in the Oxwall.

Updating the plugin is very simple and doesn't even need to use Cpanel, FTP to upload plugins, theme files in the Oxwall. I have easily built the theme for using Notepad++ and CSS art. One thing I want to share is that, even I'm from commerce background and I learned the skill to modify CSS since the Oxwall development. Prior to development of Oxwall, I have no knowledge of playing with CSS.

Oxwall plugins allow you to sort spamming content, block doubtful IP, block or allow as per country, invite friends using Facebook and Gmail ids, friends suggestion, Advt. Management, powerful searching capabilities and much more you can find on this link.

Finally We will recommend to choose Oxwall over Elgg. This is solely based on own experience.

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