Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Create Undeletable folder but accessible

Dec 19, 2010

Create Undeletable folder but accessible

Friends, nice to meet you on my blog... Here I have giving a fantastic trick to create Undeletable folder. We faces dilemma when we works on network computer & someone deletes our folder remotely, then obviously we felt into snag.

If you’d like to avoid anything similar happening in future, then follow simple steps…

     1. Start Menu> Run or press Win+R > type CMD

2. Select folder or create new (i.e. MD foldername) one where you want.

3. Go into selected folder using “CD foldername” command

4. Create folder using this syntax,
  • md .\con\                OR
  • md .\lpt1\                OR
  • md .\com1\
    5. You will be come across folder created by name Con or Lpt1 or Com1 respectively.

    6. One of them is sufficient for protect the folder.

    7. If someone try to delete this folder then explorer shows following window,

    8. If someone move this folder to another location then explorer shows following info(don’t afraid even somebody copied this folder on another location then it only copy the folder without inside content.)

    9. Up to this stage I have given information on how to create this folder. Now, we focus on how to delete this folder. To delete particular folder you would follow syntax in DOS,
    • rd .\con\              OR
    • rd .\lpt1\              OR
    • rd .\com1\
          10. Enjoy Privacy. All the best.


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