Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Born of NextGen RAM: DDR4 by Samsung

Jan 7, 2011

Born of NextGen RAM: DDR4 by Samsung

 Technology is boundless , it evolves continuously. Now DDR4 is born, hatching  new creativeness, faster yet efficient. Samsung Develops Industry's First DDR4 DRAM, using 30nm class technology. Samsung is well known in advanced semiconductor technology solutions.Samsung has been actively supporting the IT industry with green memory initiative by coming up with Eco-friendly, innovation memory product. Also remember,  first DDR DRAM, DDR2 DRAM and DDR3 DRAM (80nm) was developed by Samsung in year 1997, 2001 and 2005 respectively.

Data transfer rate - 2.133 gigabits per seconds (Gbps)
Voltage               - 1.2V (whereas DDR3: 1.35V -1.5 V)
Power Saving       - 40% compared to 1.5V DDR3
Module                 - Pseudo Open Drain (POD)
Feature of POD   - Supports high-performance graphic, Consume just half the electric current of DDR3


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