Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: How to Protect USB Devices from Autorun Virus

Jan 22, 2011

How to Protect USB Devices from Autorun Virus

USB devices are the one of the largest source of virus today. Most of these viruses are Trojans and Spywares. Though some virus do not damage the files or system but they spread itself and catch up chunk of space in your RAM, thus our system might getting slow down. Even most of Antivirus(i.e. freeware) have failed to remove virus from fake Recycle bin like folder. Many people are unknown about these viruses presence in their PC.

As we know due to Autorun.inf many time virus spread automatically into computer. We can disable autorun function on our device but it is not possible to disable all the computer where we use this device like net cafe. So to prevent this type virus we should make our USB device virus-proof. 

If we create undeletable Autorun.inf folder then virus unable to create the file with same name, in this way we can prevent to create uninvited Autorun.inf file on our device.

Here we shall do analysis on How to remove these viruses.

1. Format USB device (i.e. Pendrive)
2. You can select any file system to format (i.e. FAT32 or NTFS)
3. Create folder named Autorun.inf and Autorun.inf.mal into USB device
4. Highlight Autorun.inf folder > hold shift key and right click on folder icon > select Open command windows here
5. Now Create folder named Con following this link (click here)
6. Same should be do with Autorun.inf.mal folder
Now your USB device is 99% free from Autorun type viruses
      Also do same with help of one of these Software


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