Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Linux in Windows XP flavour

Jan 31, 2011

Linux in Windows XP flavour

Though Linux is open source and freely available, most people tend to reluctant to use Linux because of its desktop and user interface. Common people who don't have expertise in handling OS use Windows OS due to their easy to use interface. Now this situation can be change with lot of development in Linux (i.e. RedHat, Ubuntu). Posting one of the Ylmf's solution to ease use of Linux for Windows user.

Ylmf OS 3.0 Final (Linux OS not theme)

One of Linux OS developing company came with solution by applying Windows XP's interface to the Linux. The interface operation is clean and clear. The adjustment and creation is based on the user's experience and usage. Ylmf OS believes that Linux can do as well as Windows through their efforts and give customers more choices.


Ylmf OS is now StartOS. They are supporting multilingual version from version 6.

  • Based on Ubuntu 10.04
  • OpenOffice suite 3.2
  • Classic Windows XP UI
  • Run Windows apps with Wine
  • SMPlayer & Audacious music Player
  • Firefox web browser

System Requirements
  • Bare Minimum
    • 300 MHz x86 processor,
    • 128 MB RAM
    • At least 4 GB of disk space
    • VGA graphics card capable of 640x480 resolution
  • Recommended
    • 700 MHz x86 processor, 8 GB of disk space,
    • 512 MB RAM or bigger Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution or higher

Installation Guide
  • For Live CD
    • Username : ylmfos
    • Password : [blank]
  • Full Installation on Hard disk



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