Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Playing with Winamp's Secret

Jan 13, 2011

Playing with Winamp's Secret

In Life, something is not used for what purpose it had made. Take example of Winamp, everyone known that Winamp play audio and video files (sometime radio, online contents). But think out of box, Surprisingly Winamp used to play game also, having fading window synchronized to now playing media, Spinning fish Game.

Fish Game
  1. Open Winamp
  2. Press Ctrl+P  to bring up Preferences
  3. Click on Plugins (left side of window)
  4. Scroll down to Input
  5. Highlight Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.56
  6. Click on About button
  7. If you click on the fish, it will start to spin. Spinning speed is depends on click frequency.

Snake Game
  1. Open Winamp in Bento skin mode
  2. Press Ctrl+P
  3. Navigate to Skins 
  4. Select Modern Skins
  5. Select Current Skin tab (last tab)
  6. Double Click on animation box
  7. OK, enjoy the Game.

Fade Effect fun with beats.
  1. Open Winamp in Modern skin or Bento skin  mode.
  2. Play any song
  3. Select main window( where the playback buttons are located)
  4. Type nullsoft (after pressing each L you need to press escape) in other words it seems like pressing N,U,L,Esc,L,Esc,S,O,F.T
  5. Trick starts to work
[Tip:  This tricks works differently as skin or mode (classic, modern, bento) is selcted]


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