Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Discover Hidden Programs slow down Internet

Feb 5, 2011

Discover Hidden Programs slow down Internet

My Friend Vijay recently brought a new wireless broadband (USB dongle) connection with 7MB/S bandwidth. Probably it works very fine on vendors PC, when he connects this device to own laptop found it works slower than assured speed. He unable to complaint because this device works fine with vendor’s PC. He calls me and portrays above circumstance. I analyzed his laptop for 5 minutes, found unwanted program that prolong access to internet causing for slower internet access. Manual search takes a lot time to reveal that software. So, I obtain smart way and install TCPEye and dig up all lists of suspicious programs. 

You will be getting information on programs connect to internet or network and address for the communication. TCPEye comes to fill gap and translate the result into rather more graspable. The application is free of charge and requires installation, which is fast, click-through process that holds nothing hidden. A main application window shows the details on the current connection, giving info of each behavior with process information. Moreover application determines the country of the remote IP.

In fact, TCPEye provides the possibility to look an IP in the whois database (i.e. address and info of IP owner) in order to learn about the remote address a process connects to. TCPEye allows terminating particular unwanted process.

Positive: Freeware, automatic refresh interval, traces geographical location of IP owner, inbuilt VirusTotal an antivirus utility.

Negative: Poor interface.

Rating: 5/5


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