Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: FireFox Easter Eggs & Cheats

Feb 22, 2011

FireFox Easter Eggs & Cheats

Firefox is one of the leading web browser (38% usage share as on Jan 2011) and now synonymous with web world. I am going to submit some Easter eggs found in Firefox, hope you enjoy this!
Firefox inside Firefox  
1. Open Firefox
2. Type following text in address bar 
3. Enjoy the multiple instance of Firefox

Robots Page
1. Enter the following in the address bar
3. You will see the some funny text with robo picture 


Firefox’s Revenge to IE5’s Joke
1. Type following in address bar
2. You will see message in dark red background.


Configuring the Hidden Settings
1. Type about:config in address bar
2. It redirects you to warning page then click on button "I’ll be careful, I promise!" if you accept the conditions.
3. Here you can alter hidden settings

Information about the Cache Service
1. Type about:cache in address bar
2. Now You can find out information on Cache Service


1. Type about:credits in address bar
2. You will see the name of contributors to Firefox’s development.


License Information
1. Type about:license in address bar
2. Shows the license info , user rights, definitions, etc.

Build Configuration
1. Type about:buildconfig in address bar
2. Shows build information like platform, tools, configure arguments, etc. 

Message for Blocked Website
1. Type about:blocked in address bar
2. This shows you the warning page shown when you visit suspicious website containing malware, viruses, fishing page.


Crash Reports
1. Type about:crashes in address bar
2. This shows you crash report if any due to some error.


1. Type about:logo in address bar
2. You can save Firefox.



Plugins Information
1. Type about:plugins in address bar
2. Shows the information on enabled plugins.


User Rights
1. Type about:rights in address bar
2. You will see the page informing about rights of user(i.e your rights)


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