Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: How to Create Hidden Folder

Feb 10, 2011

How to Create Hidden Folder

In past we already posted tricks on making folder undeletable. However even undeletable folder in some case are visible, hence they might comprehend easily by someone (i.e. Boss, teacher, etc.) I know you need hidden folder also (rascal!) So why, I’m posting this tricks, hope you like it.

Follow these Steps:
  • Open explorer (or on desktop) 
  • Right click > New > Folder 
  • Empty the text in folder name(i.e. New Folder)
  • Follow one of the procedure 
    • Press Alt + 255 or 
    • Hold Alt + press ‘9’ key for nine times

  • Now right click on folder > Properties
  • Choose Customize Tab > Change Icon > Select any empty icon (displayed below) 
  • Now click on OK > OK 
  • Refresh or Press F5 to see changed effects.
  • Enjoy! 


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