Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: DiffPDF - Compare Two PDF Files

Apr 5, 2011

DiffPDF - Compare Two PDF Files


PDF files are now common format for document sharing whether online or offline. When we are searching for a specific PDF files on website for specific project, many time downloaded PDF files are almost same by content. They take lots of time identify similarity manually. But this problem may solved with help of DiffPDF application.

This software has ability to detect resemblance in text or visual in PDF.  Comparing pages is also supported. In this way it might save our time. Most Windows user find it easy to operate because similar interface like Microsoft Office.

DiffPDF has its own limitations and cons. Sometime PDF files has converted into text file without preserving its original format. Lack of support merging PDF files, folder synchronization. But remember as it’s a freeware software and giving fair as compared with our expectation.

Download Diff PDF 1.1.5





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