Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Kaspersky Network Tool

Apr 12, 2011

Kaspersky Network Tool

Kaspersky is one of the leading security suite with providing internet security, antivirus, virtual keyboard, safe mode run for application and web explorer, rescue disk, smart scan, etc. Kaspersky also offers a rich network monitor tools for identifying network activity. In which you can discover Network activity, Open ports, Network traffic, Blocked computer, etc.

How to Use Kaspersky Network Monitor?

  1. Right click on Kaspersky’s taskbar icon
  2. select Tools
  3. select Network Monitor. 
Network Activity (Default)
Kaspersky Network Monitor
Now, you will see following windows showing the current process information that access to the network. Information related to process such as process name, protocols, local address, remote address, duration and data received/sent with real time graph.
Open Ports
In this tab you will find host process for windows services that uses network plus information seen on Network Activity tab.
Network Traffic
Kaspersky Network Monitor
It shows essential information ever need. Delivers information which is very easy to understand.

Blocked Computers
Kaspersky blocks the computer on the network that tried to steal information or did any suspicious activity. So, simply this tab shows information of above computers.


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