Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Microsoft Office 2010: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

May 3, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010: Ultimate Tips & Tricks

We are always curious about new updates of software that we have been using. Many time we like its updated  version [i.e. interface, look, features, etc.] but due to lack of knowledge on how to use it?. I pick one of the problem [Microsoft Office 2010], and tried to give solution written by Matt Smith.

Learn to get the most out of the latest version of Microsoft Office with latest free guide! Office 2010 includes many improvements over 2007. As with all Office releases, however, these improvements are far from obvious to the average user.
Enter Office 2010: Ultimate Tips and Tricks. This manual, by author Matt Smith, points out all the best new features of Microsoft’s latest office suite, and explains them all in one handy guide. In most programs, it’s not hard to find every single feature, but Office 2010 is so expansive that even veteran users will often find that they aren’t expert in even half of the capabilities the software offers.

Whether you recently purchased Office 2010 and want to get the most out of it, or are considering an upgrade, you don’t want to miss this free guide. There’s much to be learned here, so check it out! 
  • Get the most out of 2010′s cloud capabilities.
  • Turn off the annoying file block feature.
  • Speed up document creation in Word with building blocks.
  • Present data at a glance with Excel’s new Sparklines.
  • Edit video from within PowerPoint.
  • Broadcast a PowerPoint presentation over the web, live.
  • Adding social functionality to Outlook.
  • and much more!

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