Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: C Drive Filling Up To 0 Bytes Free

Jun 14, 2011

C Drive Filling Up To 0 Bytes Free

Recently I had faced the problem of filling C drive automatically till it reached at 0 byte free space. First of all I scanned my all computer with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Beta ( version which is in developing stage; that’s why it was failed to detect that malicious object in my computer. Then I have start searching for that malicious object which covers all free space under his wings. Windows searching tools also did not fetch any result due to non-inclusion of path in its search library.

I analysed the system processes from Windows Task Manger. I found one suspected object named Hale.exe. As name suggests, I surely conclude that the problem I have facing definitely created by Hale.exe which is running as hidden file repair tool. After right clicking on that process; I have clicked on Open file location.

msconfig showing malicious startup

The location was “C:\Windows\System32” folder and file name was “Hale.exe”. I started thorough search for this file. I started “MSCONFIG” from Start>Run or “WindowKEY+R”. In “msconfig” window I have found “hale.exe” under “Startup” tab as name “Chew7Hale.exe”. I have disabled that process by uncheck that item.

I delete this particular file from above described path without wasting any time. But real problem was not completely solved yet. Since Windows Explorer doesn’t show folder size or you need to move pointer on folder icons and wait for tool tip to display size. But seems this process is very prolonged and many time fruitless for giant folder. I underway hunt for application that’s have capability to display size of folders and files along with graphs.

I found software that meets my requirement named Folder Size and started to scan for that giant file\folder on C: drive. Surprisingly within five minutes it locates the specific file as follow,

File Name: 0000AAAA.0AA
Size: 1,64,79,648 KB ~ 15.7 GB (Abbb!)
Path: “C:\Users\Bhumkar\AppData\Local\Temp”
click to enlarge
I had permanently deleted this file. What’s magic! Problem had solved fully. In this way I have successfully recovered the 15.7 GB space in C: drive.

  1. Download from authentic and reliable source only.
  2. Most of keygenerator and cracks contains this type of malicious object; do not use this type of application.
  3. As enthusiast and experimental purpose you should try unsure software in VirtualMachine or VM ware mode only.
  4. Use applications like CCleaner (freeware) to clean unwelcome files and folders.
  5. And last but not least; keep visiting to share experience and more gossips.


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