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Jul 23, 2011

How To Search Direct Link Of The Applications

When we need specific software will make us to fire various search term in search engine to find perfect source to download it. Even if we found a specific web link, it might not guaranteed solution to our problem, because that website might display a lot of advertise and force to wait for 15 and 30 seconds or even more...
But smart people like you can grab the required file or software application in less time, but How?

Don't worry... if Technology Gossips with you. Just follow below steps and you will be reached at your destination to download files of your choice.
  1. Open
  2. Enter following syntax with followed by application file name. For example to find Windows 7 download, or click here to view live demo
?intitle:index.of? windows 7

In this way, you can try for various software.

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