Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Lockdown: Secure Your Files WithTrueCrypt

Jul 13, 2011

Lockdown: Secure Your Files WithTrueCrypt

Encryption is used all the time, often without you even realising it. Whenever you buy something online and make a transaction, all your details are heavily encrypted until they reach the other end, making sure that no third party could be listening in. If you use instant messaging programs it is possible to create an encryption tunnel to ensure that only you and the person you’re talking to can see the messages.

Guide on  data encryption
In this manual we’ll be talking about local file encryption – that is, encrypting files on a hard drive (or encrypting the entire hard drive). The files are safe as long as they are kept in the encrypted area.
In this guide you’ll learn about:
  • Installing and using TrueCrypt.
  • Types of encryption, including virtual encrypted disks and system encryption.
  • Picking a good encryption password.
  • The importance of locking your computer.
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