Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: AeroBlend - Be Fresh With Changing Windows Color Automatically

Aug 5, 2011

AeroBlend - Be Fresh With Changing Windows Color Automatically

AeroBlend automatically changes the Windows Color to match the current wallpaper or active application icon\contents. When in wallpaper mode, as each wallpaper is changed, either manually or via the Windows slideshow, the Windows color will change to match the wallpaper. Additionally other modes include using the active application icon or it's contents. AeroBlend uses a quick algorithm to obtain the average color of the wallpaper or icon or window content. Color Intensity can be customized, as well as other options.

AeroBlend Live Desktop (click to enlarge)

AeroBlend is freeware. It can be freely used and distributed in commercial and private environments. REQUIREMENTS
AeroBlend (486 Kb)


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