Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Complete Malware Removal Guide [PDF]

Aug 13, 2011

Complete Malware Removal Guide [PDF]

Think your Windows computer might be infected? Clean it up yourself with a variety of free tools, using this “Operation Cleanup: Complete Malware Removal Guide”. Written by Brian Meyer of YourRealSecurity, this guide outlines not only how to remove a virus from your computer but also how to clean up the mess they leave behind.

This guide will help you clean your computer of malware. If you think your computer is infected with a virus or some other malicious software, you may want to use this guide. It contains instructions that, if done correctly and in order, will remove most malware infections on a Windows operating system.

It highlights the tools and resources that are necessary to clean your system. Malware is a general term for any malicious software, including viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware.

This free download will teach you:
  • How to get back online after a nasty infection.
  • Removing malware using a variety of free tools.
  • Which free, portable virus scanners will work when Windows won’t start.
  • Cleaning up your system after you remove viruses.
  • Fixing a hijacked browser.
  • Un-hiding your files, quick launch and menu.
  • Where to find help online when all else fails.


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