Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Download Firefox 7 - Stop Hanging; Fast Browsing

Sep 28, 2011

Download Firefox 7 - Stop Hanging; Fast Browsing

World's leading browser now came up with  hanging free browsing environment. Firefox 7 team says that this latest version of browser uses less memory. GUI is same as previous version 4, 5, 6. Firefox enhanced support for HTML5 based hardware acceleration. Don't' wait download  now..

Firefox 7 About page

  • Keep Firefox open for a long time
  • Have many tabs open at once
  • Use Firefox for Windows
  • View pages with lots of text
  • Use Firefox while also using other memory-intensive programs
Firefox 7.0 Full (13.4 MB)

Hindi (India) -  Firefox 7.0  (13 MB) 
Gujarati (India) - Firefox 7 (13 MB)
UK English - Firefox 7.0  (14 MB)


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