Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: 5 GB Free Online Storage By Comodo [GIVEAWAY]

Oct 13, 2011

5 GB Free Online Storage By Comodo [GIVEAWAY]

Keep your important files safely online. You can access your data anytime, anywhere using our intuitive website or easy-to-use Comodo Online Storage client. Comodo Online storage providing this premium quality services for free for now. So, let's grab this offer

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1. Media Storage
Take your music and videos anywhere with you. You can listen to music and watch videos using any media player without having to download first. Just mount your account storage, select the media files and right-click play

2. Web application
Want to access your files at school or at work where you don't have the Comodo Online Storage client installed? It's simple, using our Web application you can download & upload files from any computer.

3. Drag & Drop
Need to quickly copy some files to your storage space? Just drag and drop them into the Drop Zone and you're done. The drop zone appears whenever you start to drag a file and can also accept text snippets, web links and bookmarks.

4. Security
Your data is securely encrypted during the download/upload processes and while in storage on our servers. Nobody, apart from you, will ever be able to access or intercept your files.

Save your important web links to your account. It's very simple, just drag the link to the drop-zone and it's there.

6. Store text
Using our store text feature you can save texts directly to your Online Storage account. Just select the text and then drop it over the drop-zone. The information is saved automatically as a text file.

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