Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Download An Android Guide [eBook]

Oct 4, 2011

Download An Android Guide [eBook]

Learn everything you want to learn about Android, for free! "These Are The Droids You're Looking For: An Android Guide", by author Matt Smith, is the latest free manual from Outlining the ins and outs of Android, this guide covers basic everything from basic usage to rooting your phone, and is a must-have if you use Google's smartphone OS. 

Android is among the most influential operating systems crafted this century. Along with iOS, it has paved the way for mobile devices that offer an unprecedented level of functionality. Currently Android is the most common mobile operating system -- and there's no sign that its popularity will wane anytime soon. We're fairly confident that you'll enjoy this one.
This amazing manual will teach you:
  • Android’s history, from 2003 to now
  • Find out what Android version you’re running
  • Customizing the Android launcher
  • Enjoying music and videos on your phone
  • Exploring the Android Marketplace
  • How and why you should root your phone
  • Securing your Android phone
eBook - These Are The Droids You're Looking For: An Android Guide
(2.0 MB  25 pages)


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