Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: FileWing Pro: Recover deleted file for Free [GIVEAWAY]

Dec 24, 2011

FileWing Pro: Recover deleted file for Free [GIVEAWAY]

If you delete a file in Windows, this file isn't really deleted. Windows instead intentionally "forgets" where the file is located on the hard disk. It is possible to restore some of these files if they have not been overwritten on the hard disk. Our new tool FileWing can help you recovering unintentionally deleted files and can also help deleting files by overwriting them multiple times, so that they cannot be recovered anymore - by anyone! And the best thing: You can download FileWing completely free of charge! Take a look at our new Windows tool.

  • Recovers lost files
  • Wipes files securely making undeletion impossible
  • Overwrite Free Space
  • Deep Scan
  • Filters
  • Crypto-Format
  • 17 Years of Experience!
  • Also works for digital cameras
FileWing PRO (15.3 MB, Full pro version)
(Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7)

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