Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Glass Keyboard Concept Spotted at CES 2012

Jan 14, 2012

Glass Keyboard Concept Spotted at CES 2012

The glass keyboard idea that appeared on Kickstarter? Well, it managed to garner $143,583 out of the requested $50,000, so to see this Bluetooth enabled peripheral sitting on its metal base at CES is definitely something. Being able to get up close and personal with what is deemed as the “Multi-touch Keyboard,” this unique device can also be connected to a computer via USB if you do not feel like using Bluetooth at that particular moment. How does this keyboard work?
It will rely on an infrared LED to project a light onto the glass, where an IR camera that is sensitive enough picks up the scattered light particles which your finger touches create, registering each touch (accidental or not) into a registered press. Without any tactile feedback, it is the same as typing on those laser-based keyboards of previous generations, but at least the keys on this will be backlit to enable you to work under dark conditions. Perhaps enough interest in the Multi-touch Keyboard might see a pressure-sensitive key version in the pipeline. Expect to place your first orders within the next three months. Glass keyboard concept spotted at CES 2012, By Ubergizmo.


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