Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Grab Screen-recorder 1AVCenter for Free: Exclusive Giveaway

Sep 12, 2012

Grab Screen-recorder 1AVCenter for Free: Exclusive Giveaway

1AVCenter is a powerful Windows application that does the work of an entire library of audio and video applications. Unlike other solutions that require separate programs to capture, record, broadcast, monitor, and share your audio and video files, 1AVCenter saves time and reduces stress by providing all of these functions in one easy-to-use application. 

1AVCenter works in two layers plus the embedded web server plus the SMTP and FTP clients. The first layer is capture. The second layer is tasks applied to the capture. The embedded web server and the SMTP and FTP clients can run regardless of the capture and task layers.


  • Video Recorder 
  • Audio Recorder 
  • Screen Recorder 
  • Image Grabber 
  • WebCam Surveillance Monitor 
  • Microphone Surveillance Monitor 
  • Desktop Spy 
  • Live Video Stream Server 
  • Live Audio Stream Server 
  • Live Screencast Server 
  • Scheduler 
  • Embedded Web Server 
  • FTP client 
  • SMTP client 
  • Last memory 
  • Stealth mode 
  • Easy of use 
  • Backup and Restore 
  • No Spyware/Adware 

Advantage of Full version of 1AVCenter
There will be no limits in its function. The 'BUY NOW' links will no longer appear, you will share as many files you would like on the web, send as many files to as many people as you want per e-mail, no limit on how long to do surveillance monitoring, no limit on how long to do live broadcasting, no limit on how long to do automatic image grab and upload, you will be able to backup and restore 1AVCenter and on top of it all you will have fun in unlimited audio/video recording.

1AVCenter allows you to change the video format of the video source you have selected, whether your video source is a webcam, or your tv tuner, or an external device connected to your PC via S-Video, or Composite-Video. Note that the higher the dimensions you select for your video source, the higher the quality of captured video.

Minimum Requirement
  • Intel 1.3GHz
  • 120MB HD
  • 256MB RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Minimum screen resolution of 800x600
1AVCenter [4.5 MB]

The original cost of this software is US $99.95.But thanks to PCWinSoft for giving us the opportunity to offer this fabulous giveaway to our readers. Click here to visit promotional giveaway page. Then feel with valid entries, you will get registration code via email. Remember the promotional page working till 3 months or 11th December, 2012. 


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