Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Buy Original Windows 8 with Limited Time Promotional Offer

Oct 26, 2012

Buy Original Windows 8 with Limited Time Promotional Offer

Windows has launched Windows 8 all over the world as next successor to Windows 7. Now you can grab a genuine copy of Windows 8 at cheapest price for limited time, lets take a look..

In India genuine license for Windows 8 costs near about USD 37.50 or 1999 INR. This is fantastic offer for the people who have pirated version and want to become genuine licenced version holder, and those who have purchased new PC. New Windows 8 not only comes with new interface but also supports multi touch function, metro type tiles user interface, eats less memory than previous one, official application market for secure and easy application handling, etc.

The link rich us at,
click here or copy paste the address

For India this would as follows,
Select your region or country and go on home > Download & Shop > Buy Windows 8 > Click Button "Download Pro for INR 1999

After above step, you will given option to download small file named Windows8-UpgradeAssistant. Open that file and follow the instruction.


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