Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Ubuntu for Smartphone is Coming

Jan 4, 2013

Ubuntu for Smartphone is Coming

Ubuntu OS (Operating System) is available for mobiles from 2014 onwards. Till now Ubuntu has used for Android. Now users can directly use Ubuntu on their mobile devices. Ubuntu has already released a desktop version which has got millions of downloads in 24hrs.

Till now we heard about Android OS, iOS, windows and Symbian etc but if Ubuntu goes well, no doubt we can add Ubuntu to that list of OS. Users of Ubuntu can make their mobile as PC and can experience the features of a PC. This OS is designed extremely user-friendly, so that anyone can operate very easily.

Ubuntu can run all the apps as same as Android and in addition Ubuntu OS can run all java apps without installing java i.e. entry level devices can also use java based apps. Everything has set up well for the big mobile OS launch of Ubuntu.

Here is the Ubuntu OS video with OS explanation



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