Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: How To Give Real Gifts Through Facebook

May 1, 2013

How To Give Real Gifts Through Facebook

Facebook has recently inaugurated the latest feature called Gifts. Now the user has allowed to give a real gift or gift card to their loved one. This is Facebook's first step into dealing with physical goods. Don't surprise even Facebook could be introduce online shopping for their users.

For now Facebook allows giving real gifts to friends and family in the United States, even from another country. Your gift will be paid in US dollars. Currency exchange rates may apply to this transaction. There are main three methods to access gift section.

1. Birthday Notification
Sending gifts through the Birthday notification section.

2. Facebook Timeline

Sending gifts through Facebook's Timeline

4. Direct from the URL
Facebok Gift's official site

After clicking any one of Give Gift button from the above methods, you will access to following popup window. 

Facebook Gift Shop

Select a category and then one of the gift articles. Here Facebook Gift shop will show you the various options available for the product like color, flavor, etc. Finally click on Give This Gift button.

Then Facebook will show you select the people to whom you want to give gifts. Remember Facebook will not allow you to select people outside of the USA. Select the reason like birthday, anniversary or just for love from a next popup window.
Select the reason behind celebration

After selecting your card you will ask to enter the personal message on the card. As seen on below screenshot.

Writing private message on the card

You need to click on Save Card & the Review Order button to check out. Now you will see various payment gateways.

Payment Information

Select your payment information, sharing option and notification alerts, then click Enter Payment Information button; which will open a browser's new window where you need to enter your card details. That's it! You have done the procedure of sending REAL gifts to your loved ones.


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