Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Google Search has been Changed

Sep 20, 2013

Google Search has been Changed

Google the giant search engine as well as most visited site underlined it's new look. The new Google changes visible in its' revamped logo and redesigned navigation bar. This fresh look has sexy appeal than before it was.

The major changes take place in the navigation bar. Moreover the dark color scheme of navigation bar has been removed. Instead they have added a simple menu button for navigation. The design of  menu button looks like the clone of the menu button of the Android OS. Revamped new logo looking quite similar to the logo of


  • Minimalist fresh look
  • No dark colored object on homepage.
  • Relatively more space in the top (In the future Google might use it to display feeds)
  • One click to share anything on Google+ (to making user more active on Google+)


  • You have to click twice in case want to reach toward extra services (out of first impression on the menu tab).

Let's visit Google to see revamped look.


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