Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Reduce data usage using Google's Data Saver on Chrome

Mar 27, 2015

Reduce data usage using Google's Data Saver on Chrome

Fast internet age, giving a lot of joy, whereas the increased usage become the pocket cleaner. Especially youth, restrict the use of apps and browser to refrain from high data usage charges. Lets know to reduce data usage using Google's server.


On the mobile platform, Opera mini already using the technique of compressing data packets to reduce the data usage. On the same path, Google now introduced the service called Data Saver for a Chrome browser. Currently, it supports Chrome browser for Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and Chromebook.


When a user enters a URL in the address bar, then Chrome will demand the data from Google's servers in compressed form. Simply the data will get back into its original form when it comes target device by uncompressing itself. In simple language, the data travelled in compressed (i.e. gZip, Zip) form.while travelling. 


  1. On PC and Chromebook (Windows and Chromium OS)
    1. Open Chrome Brower
    2. Install the Data Saver extension from Chrome Web Store
    3. Now you will see the icon of Data Saver
    4. Verify that the data saving is on. Otherwise manually on the service Turn the Service On button.
    5. Done..!
  2. On Android
    1. Open Chrome Browser
    2. Click on Chrome Menu > Settings
    3. Slide the switch on
    4. Done..!
  3. On iOS
    1. Open Chrome Browser
    2. Click on Chrome Menu > Settings
    3. Advanced > BandwidthData Saver
    4. Slide the switch on


Generally Chrome for Desktop and Chromebook already uses the Google's Safe Browsing Technology. Which warns the user before the anything goes out of hand. In simple words, it safeguards the user from malware and phishing attach. On the other hand, Chrome on Android and iOS will automatically start to use Safe Browsing Technology as soon as the Data Saver enabled. 


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