Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Block / Unblock USB device

Dec 2, 2010

Block / Unblock USB device

Following are some options..
  1. If you are tech savy then you can block USB access through the windows registry / registry editor - regedit.
To open the Registry Editor
  • I >Prest CTRL+R
  • II>type "regedit" and click on OK to start the regedit utility.
Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControl…
  • From there right click and create a new key and
  • name it "StorageDevicePolicies".
  • In the window on the right then create a new DWORD value and
  • label it WriteProtect, give it a value of "1" and
  • users can no longer write to USB drives.
  • To re-enable this option change the value to 0 and users are again allowed to write.
  • follow this article:;en-us;823732 2. Use one of the following software


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