Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Undeletable folder : Inaccessible & Accessable both

Dec 17, 2010

Undeletable folder : Inaccessible & Accessable both

When we need to hold some important data with us. To protect data we use varies software, but they bounds us in such way that we can't use another software for unlocking same data. But I feeling glad to give you software free trick to protect your Data Folder.
  1. Open command prompt (or Press Win key+R, type “cmd” in the Run dialogue box and hit “Enter”).
  2. In command prompt type the following syntax:
cacls /e /c /d %username%

      For instance, command would
cacls Private /e /c /d %username%


That command will make the folder “Private” inaccessible and un-deletable. If any body tries to access the folder or delete that, the following message will be shown:

Now when you want to access the folder for your need then type the following
Syntax in the command prompt and hit “Enter”:
cacls /e /c /g %username%:f
For example : Cacls Private /e/c/g %username%:f

This will return the folder in its normal form.

Tip :This trick works in both Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as in Windows vista. But the file system must be NTFS.


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