Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: CianoDock - Useful Desktop Gadget

Jun 28, 2011

CianoDock - Useful Desktop Gadget

CianoDock is simple and beautiful dock application for Windows. You can keep more application, folder shortcuts in minimal area. It might helpful for net-book or micro windows devices.  Application lives in background until you hover the mouse and focus it. Drag and drop facility makes simple to bookmark folder or application. CianoDock has ability to grab icons automatically expect folder icons. Last but not least, available free to download.

Hi, I'm Luciano Palladino. I created CianoDock because I was personally unsatisfied of the Dock's applications around the web. The idea isn't original but I made it in the way that an Application launcher would be for me. I made this software for my personal usage and after decided to share it with everyone. CianoDock it's free with not-for-profit purpose. I don't respond in any manner if you payed for it.

CianoDock (5.1 MB)
CianoDock [RAR] (4.6 MB)
Backgrounds for CianoDoc



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