Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Spycam or Light Switch - Beware!

Jun 28, 2011

Spycam or Light Switch - Beware!

Spy Camera Light Switch with GSM Remote Control - record people standing where they shouldn't be and get alerts in live on your phone!

This wall mountable light switch looks and works just like an ordinary light switch, but inside is a high resolution spy camera, whose tiny pinhole lens is perfectly hidden. It is one of the most inconspicuous spy products available on the market! Being totally undetectable it still secretly records great videos and takes ultra-detailed photos. In other words this awesome hidden camera is capable of capturing the fine details such as skin tone, eye color and facial features with the clarity you would expect from a full-size surveillance camera.
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This original spy gadget comes with motion-detection activated recording. Just leave the device ON and it will automatically record only when movement is detected. This is the best way to catch people snooping around your office, your personal maid stealing your jewelry or maybe (but hopefully not) your partner cheating on you. All this is stored in a removable micro SD card (free 2GB) and, for convenient review, saved data can be transferred to your laptop through a provided USB cable. But there is much more…

The most outstanding part of this spy device is that it can be operated from your phone. Choose video or photo modes by SMS and receive alerts on your mobile phone as soon as intruders are detected! How is it possible? Simply insert a SIM card inside the switch, set it to transfer information directly to your phone once there is any move and then receive a clear MMS when it actually happens. If you are being robbed it will help you react quickly and call the police in time to catch the thieves in action. What more? Keep an eye in by making a video call anytime to see what's going on in live!

Enjoy your life worry-free thanks to this wonderful spy light switch: even if you chill at the other side of the planet drinking coconut juice on a white sand beach with crystal water, keep secretly watching your place in live! Make sure you order now while supplies still last! All this is brought to you by the online leader of high-tech gadgets, Chinavasion.

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  • Very discreet HD spy camera
  • Works as a light switch
  • Motion detection
  • Records video, audio and photo
  • Receive MMS on your phone when detection occurs
  • Get video live access on your mobile
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  • Main function: spy camera light switch with GSM remote control
  • Color: white
  • Video format: 3GP (320x240, 30fps)
  • Picture format: JPEG (1280x960)
  • Working frequency range: GSM900, GSM1800, GSM850, PCS1900
  • Working protocols: GSM phase 2/2+ (including GPRS)
  • Max micro SD card supported: 8GB (2GB TF card included)
  • Battery: 1200mAh
  • Remote arming: yes
  • Remote review: yes
  • PIR alert: JPEG picture sent to mobile phone via MMS
  • Port
    • - Mini USB
    • - Micro SD slot
    • - SIM card slot
  • Switch dimensions: 84mm x 84mm x 19mm


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