Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: FastPreview - Right-click Menu Image Preview

Jul 11, 2011

FastPreview - Right-click Menu Image Preview

FastPreview was created in need of a usable "PicaView" replacement which was discontinued at the time. It is now a pretty handy tool to display images in a fast manner and is an alternative to the functionality Windows has built-in. Furthermore people that want to display metadata attached to images will love it. 
  • Fast Viewer - Showing the image incl. different scaling types and JPEG rotations
    • Images are scaled to fit the screen when opened.
    • Lots of supported file types
  • Shell integration - Integrates into File Context Menus
    • Configurable dimensions of the preview
  • Shell integration - Integrates into File Properties Pages showing:
    • Adobe eXtensible Metadata Language (XMP) information
    • Exif Camera/Image information
    • IPTC Media information


  • Windows XP or Vista/7 - 32bit or 64bit (AMD64)
  • SSE2 capable CPU
  • x64icc requires furthermore a SSSE3 capable CPU.
FastPreview - 32bit (3 MB)
FastPreview - 32bit-64bit (3.8 MB)
Download from official website


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