Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Google Automatic Search With Animation

Jul 10, 2011

Google Automatic Search With Animation

Imagine Google will automatically search for specific word or character and your friend see toward this with surprising face. No..No.. stop imagination now this is possible in reality too... ask How? Don't be hungry... I will explain it step by step..

  1. Select specific word or character you want to search for in Google
  2. You can also search for maps, video, news, shopping, photos, plus, profile, books, finance in Google supported  languages.
  3. For example, now we will search for keyword ""
  4. Enter following command in address bar,
  6. Thats all, you will be see animated Google search engine.
This tools also good for them who's friends are so lazy to type in Google to search. Above steps only for pain search result trick, you can enjoy most Google Automatic Search facilities by visiting following link,
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