Lucky Bhumkar's Blog: Google Updates Blogger's Interface [Review]

Jul 8, 2011

Google Updates Blogger's Interface [Review]

That was really surprised to me a new look of blogger’s. Actually my early morning period have been reserved for blogging, so as my hobby and habit first I entered the address then it redirects toward my default URL (as usual).

At first sight I was wondered how I mistaken to type address in address bar, though that was accurate. Then I close the tab of thinking that something going wrong, now I re-entered the but still I had seen same page as before.

“Wow! Surprised”, I spoken with myself, it’s nothing but blogger or has been changed. As part of Google’s look changing mission, also re-interfaced to make it even more spicy and as well as feature-full.
Blogger's new Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Above pic depicts the new blogger dashboard with totally new interface. New Dashboard looks very cool with easy to use structure. If you want to start new blog, you should click on New blog button and it will display below window.

Create new blog window (click to enlarge)
Now it's more simple to create new blog even before. Selection of temple is also easier if you don't want to customize default template. However, in future if you thinks about to changing the template or theme don't worry, you can customize or apply new theme via click on Template as shown below.
Template selection in Blogger (click to enlarge)

Though the interface has changed but you found same template as it was in past. So, we expect more templates would be added in future. We can find a better template on third party websites. But, do not forget default templates are easier to load and ready to customize, that not seen with third party templates.

Blogger editor also looking awesome with same feature bundled as old days. Below is screen shot of new editor interface.
New Editor (click to enlarge)
Changing the setting is easier due to new horizontal position of the menus. So, it is plus point that we can customize settings with less movement of mouse as well as scrolling the page compared to vertical tabs settings in the past. 
Stats of the page views of blog are more often item of first click when we enter into blogger dashboard. In new interface stats is same as before. Find it in beneath pic..
Blogger Stats (click to enlarge)
Blogger's mission change is not completed yet. For instance, Earning tab formerly known as monetize or blogger stub has not build so far, so we need to wait and watch. (see below pic)
Wait for Earning Tab (click to enlarge)
  • Cool interface
  • Vertical tab/menu system
  • Enhanced inbuilt reader
  • Quick stats on Dashboard
  • Easy navigation in Dashboard
  • Write in editor become hard, when you reached at the last line of editor. Because, when your Blogger editor is in maximize mode of browser, the last line touches to start/status bar of the Windows so why we found tedious writing lengthy post. Blogger should maintain some space below editor and must not touches the browser windows up to its bottom.
  • Reply to specific comments is not possible which is easily available in third party widgets.
  • Fixing the default post size on main/home page is not possible. However we need to select split the post manually each time while editing. Even you multi-column (i.e. two column) display of post on single page requires expert help or third party templates.


Overall we welcomes the new look of bloggers. Changes with added innovation are feature of Google and also found in their Blogger. Speed and reliability are as strong as before. We expect more templates with added new widgets like related post widget, enhanced and multi-optional social sharing buttons.

I have written this post with free of mind and with my best. Though you found any false statement, errors or whatever you want to share please lets me know in comments section below this post.


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